bitcoin black - free coin price !

Bitcoin black is it the future or is it

just a scam keep watching okay welcome

to another episode of ask RJ that's

right this is the Q&A feature of my

channel where you get your questions

answered now I used to do these on a

regular basis

I have slowed down so much a lot more

now and basically I just sort of answer

questions which I find really

interesting and I hope you guys find

interesting all questions that I get

asked a lot about anyway I was

approached by Joshua Mohan he put a

question on my channel and basically

said hey man I've been hearing a lot

about this supposed crypto called black

Bitcoin black sorry

lately while their white paper looks a

their team profile looks iffy just

wondering what your thoughts are on this

well Joshua thank you very much for the

question and I am actually very

interested in this on for two reasons

one um I quickly looked into it I didn't

know a whole lot about it and basically

on the surface looks great it's sort of

almost you just think okay this is this

answers all the questions the bitcoin

poses sort of the questions about

scalability how fast transactions are

all that kind of stuff and so you just

you think yeah this is it this is this

could be the coin that we could all end

up using in the future but on the other

hand it could just be a very clever ruse

or a scam so really what I'm doing is

I'm looking into this because I want to

make sure that if any of you out there

may have come across it do you don't end

up getting into or investing into

something that you're gonna end up

losing your money

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content as it comes online okay so

obviously when it really came into came

down to sort of trying to get any

information on this the first place I

went to obviously is Google did a quick

search and and to be honest with you

it's really really difficult to find any

information on this which is a massive

flag for me it's a massive red flag

because in fact what I'm going to do

because there's probably a lot of you

that don't know what Bitcoin Black is

watch the top right hand corner of your


and that will basically they're going to

lay down what their ideas for this coin


Bitcoin black compared to Bitcoin

Bitcoin black is free of transfer

Bitcoin can cost over $10 to transfer

Bitcoin black transfers instantly

Bitcoin can take more than an hour on

average transfer Bitcoin black is

scalable for worldwide views Bitcoin has

major scalability issues Bitcoin black

has a fair distribution ninety to ninety

nine percent of all Bitcoin is owned by

1% of the leaders Bitcoin black is

energy efficient

bitcoin is energy hungry uses over ten

thousand times more energy than Bitcoin

black Bitcoin black is run by the

community for the community

bitcoin is run by a corporation or a

corporation since August 2017 Bitcoin

blacks birth rate is better than all ten

of the top ten cryptocurrencies bitcoins

growth has halted which will you use

which will prevail


be a part of the biggest wealth transfer

in human history join the community map

Bitcoin works

okay sir as you can see there their

ideas for this coin are massive this is

something that literally would affect

the entire world and of and what their

goal is is for Bitcoin black to end up

being the coin that we end up using in

the future and Bitcoin basically

becoming obsolete because of its it's

issues which unfortunately with Bitcoin

you know those those problems are just

hardwired into into the coin itself with

how it was designed and stuff like that

and that's why everybody has been

looking for alternatives such as the

Lightning Network all those things to

make Bitcoin transactions faster but

because of that because of Bitcoin

blacks ideas and you know basically what

this would mean to the world if he if he

came into fruition you think there would

be a lot more information out there you

think people would be talking about this

all the time but they are not if you go

on line and type in Bitcoin black the

only thing you can find or obviously all

the links to the website that are

connected with the website and then

pretty much after that all it is is

loads and loads of people advertising it

so basically affiliates that are

connected with Bitcoin black because

that's how the way they've done it

because apparently they created an ICO

which for those of that you don't know

is what's known as an initial coin

offering what they do with that is

basically they say right we have got 36

I don't know billion or our however you

know however many coins they've decided

that they're gonna set they're gonna put

into circulation and then what they'll

do is they'll allow you to buy

eat those you know sort of those coins

or tokens and to be part of the whole

you know be part of the network or be

part of the visitor the business

essentially it's all like buying shares

but you're buying tokens and then and so

so what they'll do and then what they do

with all the money from that they then

go on to make that idea into a reality

the infant the the but like I say

there's just nothing out there

there's just no information at all

because in them like I say behind the

scenes they've done what they've done or

not behind the scenes but they've

basically told everybody that they're

going to do this massive airdrop so I

think it's for X amount of people that

obviously become affiliates if you get

enough people or enough members join

your affiliate group you'll get like

three thousand six hundred coins into

your wallet and then for the top ten

people that have promoted this will then

get even you know like get a matys you

know works out to be some like the

equivalent of about 1.8 million dollars

or some crazy like that which is

obviously caused a massive sort of thaw

out there you know and you've got all

these people that are jumping on that

and and promoting it and all this I you

know waiting for this air to up to

happen because and they've also

obviously given a free air drop as well

that you get what was it I can't

remember that I can't remember the the

number will pop up somewhere because I

know because I've got to show you some

obviously some of the stuff and the

information will be there but yet so so

lucky say that they've done that they're

doing this official ico offering but

then behind the scenes they're doing

this sort of cheap and nasty affiliate

program and basically enticing all these

people to become affiliates and then get

people to sign up to them

and then you know like I say the top few

people will get these free coins II

thousands upon thousands of free coins

but then the only the people that are

lower down the only way they earn coins

is if they're members to people they've

got to sign up by coins so like I say it

then starts up just looking like a like

a an affiliate marketing program as

opposed to this massive sort of you know

global phenomenon which is what they're

you know the video and really what

they're they're pushing but like I say

beneath all that it's just like this

affiliate program okay so we've got the

website as you can see there you've got

various different things on here

information about that roadmap so

they're basically what that is he's

telling you what they want to do going

forward bounties this is job in a job

vacancies the weird thing with that is

that they have a few job vacancies on

there for people to get involved in the

business but they're only paying them in

Bitcoin black which at the moment is

well you can't use it so and then they

talk about the dieأ¶ and the presale

which is the ICO and but we obviously

you know that's what they want us to see

so let's go and check out this is the

other stuff that I found on Google so

this is a post about Bitcoin black but

look how old it is this is from March

2019 so this is over a year old and

basically so this is an excerpt from the

white paper which basically talks about

how Bitcoin bitcoin takes power from

people discouraging people to really get

involved in cryptocurrency and stuff

like this because of the way it's set up

but yet then like this gentleman talks

basis but then when when they're looking

to raise money for their ICO they

actually want it in Bitcoin

so and that's where the sales paid would

be where you could go and buy coins

which are basically sold out now so and

then the other thing is is that this is

what I was talking about so if we click

on here this is a guy and this is all

he's put on about Bitcoin black and this

is to do with the referral program that

is it he's not putting any other

information on there

it's just referral post after referral

post after referral post so like I mean

that just you know for me for something

that is meant to be so big and so an

unofficial as this coin offering for it

to just be inundated or be for me be

swamped with people selling the idea in

the in literally in the sense of a

referral program is just bizarre and

like I say it is just a real big red

flag so and then this guy he's basically

saying that so the Twitter account last

posted was October 2018 so yeah so

October the 18th 2018 so that's a year

before this pretty much so I mean the I

this concept of Bitcoin black has been

around according to this for over two

years and the guys whose feed we just

looked at this is him

and again it's he's just talking about

the the amount of coins you're gonna

earn for doing this and stuff like that

and so again it's just not something

that you would really associate I don't

believe I mean like I say I could be

completely wrong I'm just going on what

I'm seeing there might be many people

out there watching this video to know

more about this and I do and if that is

the case put it in the post sticker post

below this video let me know I'm really

interested because because like I say

I'm I do

don't want people getting involved in

this if this is a scam

which for me is looking more more like a

scam so the only other pretty much one

of the other posts I found on Google was

this so again it's just talking about

this air drop and you know and basically

so the air drop you receive three

thousand six hundred blah blah blah blah

the top ten people with the most he says

most friends with the most referrals

will receive that's a hundred and eighty

million BCB I mean that just those

numbers I just think are insane I mean

even Bitcoin when it was worth nothing

and basically you could get bit full

bitcoins for free I don't think one

person ever ended up with a hundred well

idly 180 million is more than the entire

amount of bitcoins that will be put into

circulation when it's when it's they're

all out there because the total amount

of Bitcoin is 121 million so they're

saying one hundred and eighty million

and that's just four and that's for the

top ten people so each you know they

will receive one hundred and eighty

million each I don't know if they're

just I don't know if that's just a

someone's wrote the wrong number there

or what but that just seems absolutely

crazy and apparently the whole idea was

began by a group who wishes to remain

anonymous which is not that big a deal

remain anonymous I mean cryptocurrency

is all about anonymity and keeping that

anonymity so you know that is not a flag

to me at all but like I say these these

numbers I just think they're so massive

the idea was to just create such a buzz

about this that just to get people

involved um which is it is very clever

it's like you know it's like bees to a

honeypot you know that they did they

wanting people to get him you know

really into you know the hype in all

this and really start believing

telling all their friends and saying

yeah you got to get in on this and you

got to get in on this this is gonna be

the next Bitcoin you know but yet it's

it's better it's it's more scalable he's

got faster transactions it's this it's

that it's gonna change the world this is

what we're going to be spending in the

future blah blah blah blah blah kind of

thing and that is exactly it's AIT's

overkill but you know with the idea of

creating that buzz and like I say you

know the point of these affiliates is to

get people in to purchase Queens which

like I mean I could be completely way

off base I'm just seeing this and I just

think it just it just does not smell

right it just does not smell or feel

right and the only other thing I looked

upon just as a thing I'm not a big fan

of scam advisor because I think the way

they rate the websites is a bit bizarre

but I thought I'd have a quick look and

they're giving it a 1 percent trust

score because of several negative

facebook comments found

okay so Facebook they've talked we've

seen a post about Twitter they do have a

blog as well I mean if I this is their

blog so you think and again I mean this

is another thing they've got a store

selling t-shirts hats and mugs and

what's really weird is if you go into

certain aspects of their website they

don't work but yet the the page - or the

store to buy or emote the merchandise

one that seems to work perfectly fine

which so again any it just seems it in

certain things where they're gonna be

gaining money from whether it would be

Bitcoin or cash those aspects seem to

work but then other aspects where it's

just literally a simple click to get

some information doesn't seem to work so

you know I don't know I mean they I

don't know if they they've just seemed

to have put a lot of him a lot of work

into this I mean at the end

today they're trying to sell you an idea

and that is what they're trying to sell

you an idea so it doesn't surprise me to

find all this because you've got you

know if you're telling a lie you've got

to create that world or vision and make

it as believable as possible I mean I

say it a lie again I could be wrong I

could be way off base on this you know

this is just my me looking at this and

how I'm seeing it I mean you go into

these they do have articles and all that

kind of stuff and you know I mean if you

go this is if you click on more posts I

don't know if it's my computer but you

know some of this when I was looking

earlier actually he seems okay now when

I was looking earlier it just didn't a

lot of this just didn't seem he didn't

see in a lineup right he just seemed

very badly done but actually now I'm on

it it all seems to be working okay now

so you know that's the blob that's the

news classic apparently but and they've

got a Facebook page you know again I

mean this is another thing is that

they're there when it's you know

obviously a lot of places do do this

they warn you of scammers pretending to

be them all and and blah blah blah kind

of thing but then I'm all I am always a

bit cynical when I see places doing that

cause I think are they pre-empting

something so there they're saying people

are scamming them or people are

pretending to be them so and they're the

scammers but in fact what you're looking

at is the scam so it's sort of like you

know it's almost like owning up to

something but sort of twisting the truth

as to what really happened and then

people go and worry he owned up to it or

they owned up to it obviously they're

not lying why would they why would they

come to us you know why would they not

be just hiding or whatever because

that's it isn't it you know it's like if

you if I'm sure happened to you as a

child you broke something in the

or whatever and rather than sort of

running off and hiding you went and told

your parents at all you know I've just

broke this but this is the reason why it

happened not the fact that you were

running around the house or doing some

work that you shouldn't have been doing

but something completely else which you

know you can get away with and your

parents guard and worry about it and

that's you know that's why I'm saying by

pre-empting it you see you're you're

you're telling you're twisting the truth

and to get away with to get away with it

also as well I mean it's like I've been

thinking as well the posts we saw were

like 2018 right who's to say that back

in 2018 the original idea of Bitcoin

black was was not legitimate that could

well have been legitimate the hot yo but

say the original ICO never got any


it never it never went anywhere so it

basically was just you know just stopped

it just finished that was it but now

we've got these other people that have

picked up that idea and thought yeah

well what we can do we can run with it

because basically you know we'll just

say yeah well you know we've got more

funding or whatever and we you know

we're still pursuing this idea they are

this idea and we you know we really want

this to happen so basically now we've

got we're doing another I see oh no man

that's gonna be followed with an IE oh

and all this are but in a but the whole

thing is just a ruse by some completely

different other people that have just

basically picked up the idea and thought

well what we can do is we'll have this

Bitcoin black as sort of like the

forefront at the forefront and then

behind the scenes we're actually

creating just like a really you know

cheap referral program and then

basically what we'll do is we'll get all

these people to buy these imaginary

Bitcoin the Bitcoin black and because

the thing is is like I keep saying to

you with the with these programs that we


you know just because there's numbers on

the screen you know in there and you're

going oh you know I mean there's plenty

people out there that might have done

this and thought yeah I've got my you

know three thousand six hundred airdrop

but they've already but they're you know

what can you do with it you know and

it's just numbers on a screen but the

thing is though to get to get that

airdrop you've then got people to in as

referrals and they've paid Bitcoin or

actual money to then get involved and

then and that's the thing in it it's you

you you as a referrer could well be

putting people in the position where

they're losing money because you're

selling them this idea based on what

you've been sold and you think it's the

best thing since sliced bread and all

this thing but in fact the whole thing

is just a ruse the whole thing is just

something that like I say could well

have just been put on top or I was

carried on from where the original

Bitcoin black failed and these guys have

just picked that up but obviously again

it's just my my idea you know my my

theory a store I mean they do say here

again we know scammers are targeting our

community since they see the great value

in our cryptocurrency so be careful we

have not yet launched our mobile wallet

so don't download anything from play

store so weirdly enough I looked on Play

Store before I even saw this post and

the was or there is a Bitcoin wallet and

I apparently when you look at who it's

connected with it apparently is

connected with bit there the website so

I don't know that I don't know that's

whether that is just that is a scammer I

don't know but it's weird

the fact that it is apparently connected

with Bitcoin black when you look at who

who is polite who's listed it so again

I'm not sure and then if you scroll down

they give you they do get so they give

you they look at they they show this and

they say it's on its way a private

tracks on private transit transactions

coming to i/o pay ecommerce payment

gateways with WooCommerce and Shopify

and more to come so I thought this was

just like a picture so they're just

saying this is what it will look like

when we released it so I again I went

and had a quick look on Google and I

actually found the website so this is

IOP org but none of these buttons work

so you click on them and they don't go

anywhere they do nothing they do

absolutely nothing and all the all the

all the the pages that are linked to

everything just says coming soon but the

what I think's weird is then put in that

on there and sort of saying this is what

we will be launching in the future

that's completely fine but then having a

website that does not work for me that's

just weird I just think that's bizarre

I just think why would you do that and I

mean I don't know I think it has changed

but I mean it's IOP org as far as I know

I mean this is a long time ago

org used to be for nonprofit

organizations I don't know if that has

changed now but I remember when org

came we first came out it was meant for

nonprofit organizations but like I say

again if you know if you know better

than me stick it at the post below the


so because yeah um but yeah it's just

there's a lot of stuff like I say you

know like like I said with the website

any sort of area of the website where

they they're making they can make money

from like the store with the t-shirts

and all that all works from there's

another one there's a another thing on

the website where if you scroll down

there's a QR code which you can send

donations to them and they want the

donations in bitcoin

and like you know everything they you

know it's either Bitcoin or fiat money

like dollars is what they're asking for

but yet in their white paper all they do

is put Bitcoin down you know so it's you

know I don't know again I mean you

people could argue with the fact well

it's the it's the coin that's worth the

most so if you're gonna ask for any coin

that's the coin you're gonna ask for so

and on that point I totally agree so but

anyway so we've done the blog and that's

the so we're at we're nearly at the end

of this so don't worry

but this is so the in the post this post

this guy said their last twitter was

October the 18th 2018 so this is Bitcoin

black official if you type in Bitcoin

black into Twitter it is the only

Bitcoin black so but yet if you scroll

down and these these are all posts at

the same post that are on the Facebook

account but if you see thats it that's

it nothing so what happened to the

original feed when Bitcoin black failed

which I think it did I think Bitcoin

black wasn't a legitimate thing but it

failed I think that maybe they took the

Twitter feed down or something wasn't

right with it and the whole thing was

dodgy the original thing was dodgy

anyway and then Twitter deleted it who

knows but this is now Bitcoin black

official and it you know it goes from

the 9th of May to the 11th of June so

it's definitely a bit bizarre the last


the other thing I did find which was a

someone that had joined the referral

program and he said or they said that

basically they had got a really good

membership so they'd they'd promoted it

a lot they've got a lot of people sign

up they'd earned a lot of Bitcoin black

Queens or tokens and then they moved

apparently the website moved hosting and

his whole account was deleted not

deleted but basically everything in it

was gone so all these members so you

lost all his coins and then he he could

not get in touch with them via email

nothing like that so and that was it it

was all gone

so again you know you kind of think

we'll that is not how a legitimate

program would act you know what I'm


and the last the last this is the last

sort of piece of the not necessarily

piece of the puzzle but I'll probably

say the last nail in the coffin for me

is that this guy who is clearly

connected with Bitcoin black so he he's

bassist aying that he's actually selling

his coins to fund his personal projects

so his personal projects are so he says

my name is mark West I run a few of the

ecosystem projects in Bitcoin black so

basically what he's referring to if we

go in here is this the ecosystem here

and that consists of this so basically

it's just a page of links which go to

obviously the store goes to the blog the

directory the media which is just

basically promotional banners and videos

and stuff like that for those that are

trying to promote it the forum and then

the social media side of things the

website and then got life and but and so

so he runs these and then please

understand these are my personal project

from my personal investment but they're

in the put there in the website they're

on the website so like I say if you go

here go to here go ecosystem there

they're all they are the websites he's

referring to there's the media social

blog life forum directory the store and

yeah and that said that so so basically

that whole part of the website is his

baby as it were and but I'm but I don't

understand it's like surely if these are

actually connected to the official

website why is he having to fund them

personally why is Bitcoin black as a

whole not footing the bill on that you

know and that's again you know I mean it

just seems we you know it's like why you

know I mean this is going to be the

greatest thing ever

why are you selling all your court why

are you selling your coins to fund these

small put these parts which are just

small parts of the main website I don't

get that you know they are just small

sites you know so but and then he you

know I'm working on new projects that

require a lot more capital and I've

decided to part with some of my coins to

get projects off the ground

okay so I have packets so that's plural

so that is I have more than one packet

of 25,000 coins

sell him that $75 each which admittedly

say back in the day someone said and we

knew what they were worth twenty-five

thousand Bitcoin for $75 of course we

jump at the chance you know knowing what

we know now and you know they're

obviously talking that their coin is

going to be even bigger than Bitcoin so

you know here you know here's your

opportunity to buy some of my coins but

where is he sending them to for starters

because I mean I mean you can actually

download a Bitcoin wallet from their

website so you can actually put it on

your desktop and of and apparently their

mobile wallet is coming at some point in

the future so maybe where it's gonna go

is not a problem

I did actually download the dot exe file

for one of their desktop wallet I did

double click on it after scanning for

viruses and it does seem to start to

load I didn't actually load it so I

wasn't quite sure but I do start seeing

to load so on that point you just think

well you know they've they have created

these wallets but I don't know how

difficult it is to create a software

wallet i I have no idea how difficult it

is to create that but yet so it says I

am a investing member and a leader in

Bitcoin black so it's you know he's this

guy is connected so he's got thousands

upon thousands of coins I don't know

what his new projects are but like I say

I mean if you actually did this just to

see but this is my car if we check out

you go to check out what he's looking

for you to pay in is Bitcoin okay that's

just not very well so that's what it

should look like so there you go so you

can pay in Bitcoin and like I say you'd

see the when they've done anything like


Bitcoin cash Bitcoin or fiat ie

cash is what they're asking for and I

just think yeah I just for me like I say

I just think the whole thing is a bit

sauce it's almost there there there how

can I put it there telling you

everything you want to hear in the way

of what their coin does then they're

giving you this math

if airdrop with to entice you to lure

more people in but yet trying to find

any official documentation or any

official reviews or anything official

that is not connected with the website

or Twitter or their Facebook account you


Easter's there's just nothing out there

there is absolutely nothing out there

and for me for something that was going

to be this big it would from it would be

making a massive buzz and the only buzz

it's making is in the affiliate market

that is the only place is making waves

as it were is in the affiliate sales

market nowhere else sitting no one seems

to mention it you know and for me if it

was if it was as big as it should be it

would be everywhere you know if this was

truly a to compete against Bitcoin and

could be predecessor you know or the

next coin the next big coin it would be

massive I remember when a theorem first

came on line it was everywhere it would

this is the coin that's gonna that's

gonna beat Bitcoin this is the coin

that's going to replace big this is the

coin it's going to replace Bitcoin you

know blah blah blah blah admittedly it

never did but the hype on it the was

everywhere you looked on all the big you

know official crypto pace like a post

like coin desk all places like that it

was everywhere this has nothing so for

me it's definitely a no-go and I'm sure

probably a lot of you knew that but I

think I've just for those people that

are getting into crypto saw this is

possibly an opportunity to get into

something on the ground floor like you

know for so many of us that actually

missed that opportunity with Bitcoin ID

for me

yeah I would just steer clear just steer

clear of it I I just don't think I mean

I could be wrong like you you could all

be laughing at me and pointing fingers

at me in a few years time when Bitcoin

black is the coin to have but at the end

but all I'm my priority at the moment is

to dry and stop people investing in

something that I feel is a scam so I'm

gonna leave it there I just want to say

a massive thanks for watching I know

it's dragged on a bit I hope you found

it interesting it and there was some

good information in there for you so if

you can smash that like button I would

really appreciate it it really supports

my channel which then helps me bring

more content to you so take care have a

great weekend and I will speak to you

soon thanks a lot bye

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